A friendship that turned into a business

In life we all need people to lean on, to encourage each other. You can only be as good as those you surround yourself with. In the equestrian world we rely on the relationships we have with our horses as well as our friends in the sport. As equestrians we understand the meaning of team work and work together to make the best of challenges as well as successes. Free Ride Equestrian started because two friends encouraged each other to give it their all when the going gets tough. It is not easy to maintain this sport when life tugs you in so many directions, but the feeling of freedom and focus that we have when we are on the backs of our horses is something we will never give up. That feeling, of being complete in the moment, totally focused on your progress with an animal is worth more than we put in. Our goal is to make quality, affordable, and comfortable riding clothes that encompass that feeling of freedom.

The main focus of this brand is to encourage equestrians to stay motivated in this valuable sport. Looking great and feeling comfortable is a great place to start. Raina is a cardiac surgery tech and Katie an elementary school teacher. They are both mothers to young daughters and farm owners that work hard to meet everyone’s needs around them. Their careers and experience have always been centered around focusing on those that need them. The importance of serving our customers is the core principal of Free Ride Equestrian. At Free Ride we want to create clothes that make you want to get out and ride.

Feel Free, Ride Free.